Which are the top-performing brands for ad spend per follower?

A growing number of advertisers are investing in the digital advertising space, and there are plenty of new brands to choose from.

But some of the best performers are still relatively unknowns.

This article will look at which are the best-performing digital brands on social media for ad spending per follower, as well as what brands they’re most commonly used with.

What are the major digital brands that are leading the charge in digital ad spending?

The big question of the year is: Which brands are leading in the space?

We’re talking about brands like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

While Facebook has been building out its digital advertising network since 2014, it has largely remained a private entity, and is far from the largest advertiser on the internet.

It has over a billion users and generates around $8 billion in revenue.

Its advertising network is also fairly fragmented, with a few brands competing for advertising dollars in different segments of the web.

Google and Facebook’s combined revenue in 2016 was $4.4 billion, but that’s still far below the $20 billion that ad agencies typically spend on ad campaigns.

This fragmentation means that these companies often have no idea which brands are earning them the most money from their ad buys.

And while ad spenders tend to spend a lot of money on their own brand, it’s not always clear whether it’s paying for the service or not.

We’ll take a look at some of these big brands in this article.

Facebook: Ad revenue per follower Facebook has the highest ad revenue per share (APPS) of any major ad network in the world, with revenue per ad dollar coming in at $9.16 per Facebook user.

That is more than twice the revenue of its closest competitor, Amazon, which has an APPS of just $2.67 per Facebook per user.

Google: Ad revenues per follower Google has the lowest APPS per user at just $1.80 per user, according to Google’s internal data.

Facebook is still the biggest player in the ad market, but Google is doing its part to ensure that the internet giants are on top of the digital ad market.

In 2016, Google spent $3.1 billion on digital ads, up $3 billion on ad spend in 2015 and $2 billion in 2014.

Google has also been growing its advertising spending by around $5 billion a year for the last four years.

The biggest change in 2016, however, was Google’s move to buy the ad technology company AdMob.

AdMob has seen an exponential increase in revenue per user in the past few years, with AdSense revenue growing by 70 percent year-on-year, and total ad spend up by 30 percent over the past three years.

Facebook has a bigger audience than Amazon, but its revenue per Facebook account is still significantly lower than AdMob’s.

It still leads the ad spend for Facebook accounts, but it has also overtaken Amazon to become the top digital brand.

Google+: Ad income per follower The biggest growth driver in the social media ad market in 2016 is Google+, a social network that has more than 10 billion monthly active users.

The company spent $4 billion on advertising in 2016.

Google+, which is owned by Facebook, was responsible for more than half of all the social ad spending in 2016 in the US, according a survey conducted by market research firm comScore.

The growth in advertising spend on Google+ is attributed to the growing reach of the Google+ mobile app, which is the most used social network in America.


is also the largest player in search advertising, which generates more than a billion ad dollars a year.

Facebook, however has been growing in the same direction, spending nearly $7 billion on its own ad revenue in 2015, more than double the amount spent by Google in 2015.

The rise in Google+ spending, combined with the growing popularity of social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter, have allowed it to overtake Facebook as the largest digital advertiser in the country.

Instagram: Ad spending per account Facebook has spent more than $4 million on Instagram ads, which account for nearly half of its ad revenue.

Instagram also has a larger audience than Google+, with more than 15 million accounts on the social network, according comScore’s 2016 survey.

Facebook currently has more followers on Instagram than it does on Google+, and the company is growing its reach on Instagram.

Instagram has more users than Facebook, and its userbase is growing faster than Facebook’s.

However, Instagram is still behind Google+, because it is more popular in the United States.

Facebook’s growth in Instagram advertising revenue has also meant that it is spending more money on advertising on Instagram, which accounts for around 40 percent of its total ad revenue, according the company’s own data.

Twitter: Ad earnings per follower Twitter has spent almost $2 million on advertising this year, according data provided by comScore, which covers advertising spending on Twitter. It’s a far

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