Tom’s thumb ad,publishers ‘unwilling’ to pay,involving the US media’s biggest name

Tom’s thumbs ad,Publishers refusing to pay to run Tom’s ad in US, publisher in US media says article Tom thumbs ad publisher in the US Media, Tom’s publisher in America’s largest media, has asked a judge to overturn an order by the US District Court of the Northern District of California to stop the advertising from being run in the UK, The Times reports.

The UK is one of the US’s most important markets for digital media, and has been hit hard by the Brexit vote and the US election campaign, which have resulted in a dramatic fall in advertising revenues for US-based publishers.

The order, by US District Judge Katherine Forrest, said Tom’s would not pay the UK’s advertising watchdog, the British Broadcast and Media Standards Authority (BBMA), the $7m it has spent in the run-up to the election to run its ad in the country.

“The order is not just a slap on the wrist for Tom’s,” Tom’s said in a statement to The Times.

“It is a slap in the face for the millions of Americans who are already suffering from the economic damage of this political crisis.”

Tom’s, which is owned by publisher Simon Cowell, is a media company whose products include the Tom’s Hot Dogs ad, which ran in the USA before being removed.

“Tom’s Hot Dog was one of a number of advertising campaigns that appeared in the United States in late 2016, and in the months following, we made numerous efforts to engage with BBMA to request an ad exemption from their ban on Tom’s advertising,” the statement read.

The Motion to Rehearse is now pending in the Court and is expected to be heard on June 8.” “

In response to the order, Tom has filed a motion to reconsider, which will be heard in the case on June 6.

The Motion to Rehearse is now pending in the Court and is expected to be heard on June 8.”

Tom has said it will seek an exemption from the BBMA if it has to go through with the ad, and if it is unsuccessful, it will file a request for a stay of its ban, which would extend the period the ad would run in US.

Tom’s says it will not seek an injunction from the judge, who has ruled in favor of BBMA.

The decision comes a day after Tom’s paid out £10,000 in advertising in the weeks following the Brexit referendum.

Tom has previously said it has “no plans” to go to court to stop its ad from appearing in the market.

The move comes after the UK announced plans to allow its citizens to vote in the June 8 general election.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the vote was “a historic moment” in the “world’s longest election campaign”.

“There are no plans at this stage to stop advertising, but we will do what we can to ensure we allow people to vote and elect a new government in the coming days,” May said on Friday.

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