Rumpy bear advertises ‘clean energy’ – but does it actually exist?

Posted November 14, 2018 09:06:03 It is a common sight in the UK to see the trumpy bear on a local service ad.

The bear is often seen walking across a street with the tagline “Clean energy, you’re going to love it” emblazoned across its back.

The advertisement for Rumpy Bear, a locally owned energy drink, has been seen a total of 10 times on local ads since January 2018.

But has Rumpy ever actually been produced or even used?

Is it a real product or an advertising ploy?

News24 sought the views of local and national advertising experts, and the answers to these questions will hopefully help you decide whether or not Rumpy bears are genuine and if the marketing campaign is genuine.

Are there any Rumpy-related adverts that have been shown on local and regional television or billboards?

Rumpy has been featured on local TV and billboards in the Greater Manchester area since January 2017, but has never actually been made available for sale or sold anywhere.

Local TV stations have featured the Rumpy ad in their evening programmes in the past.

A local television station in Bristol featured a promotional video for Rumpy bear energy drink in a series of one-minute spots during the autumn.

But the Rumpys are not the only energy drink to feature on local television and billboards.

Many companies, including the Coca-Cola company, have also been using the slogan in their advertisements.

Is Rumpy an actual product?

Does the marketing company behind the ad actually manufacture the product or does the company simply advertise it as a promotional idea?

Does it contain any of the ingredients listed in the label on the product?

Is Rumpym actually a real energy drink?

Is the company selling Rumpypies real?

Are Rumpies real or an advert?

Local advertising experts believe there are several issues with Rumpy being a genuine energy drink.

The product is not actually made in the United Kingdom, and there is no evidence that it is actually available to consumers in the country.

The Rumpyscales name is not a registered trademark in the US, and RumpyuBear does not have the required trademark registration to be a “product”.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, “The RumpYB® brand is registered trademark of Rumpygraphics Limited and is used in the U.S. as a trademark for a variety of related and related services, including but not limited to beverages, nutritional supplements, food, food products, nutritional products, health, health related, nutrition and wellness products, and services that provide information and products related to the use of dietary supplements, nutritional or nutritional supplements and products.” does not use the RUMPY brand.

It has no relationship to, the company behind RumpythisEnergy Drink, and does not currently have any of its own branded products.

The only products made by Rumpyy Bear are the Rumby Bear Energy drink, which is available in a variety, flavours and in a range of sizes.

However, only has a small amount of Rumbys products in stock, and they have not been tested in the laboratory.

In the UK, the Rumped Bear Energy Drink is available at the supermarket, and in the USA it is available by mail order, from your local supermarket, or through the internet.

If you would like to see more information about RumpylisEnergy drink, then visit their website.

Are Rumpy Bears real or promotional?

Is there a real Rumpiy Bear in the world?

There is no definitive answer to this question.

Advertising experts believe that Rumpy is an advertising stunt.

There is also no proof that actually sells the product. is an independent site that has been publishing articles about the Rumps energy drink since January 2011.

According to their website, they are “the official voice of the R-Squared® brand”.

But the website is not registered as a “brand” in the English language and is not affiliated with Rumpaly.

In fact, they have yet to publish any of their own content.

The website is owned by a small company called Cairn, and has a number of articles on their site about Rumpy, and no products or services linked to Rumpy.

But what is Cairns business model?

According to its website, Cairons “goal is to serve a purpose and generate revenue through an innovative advertising and marketing approach.

Our focus is on engaging consumers with content that is relevant and relevant to them, and providing quality information to consumers.”

Is the Rummy bear actually real?

It is not the first time an ad has appeared on a popular advertising platform, but this time it is the first one to feature a real and not a fictitious

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