Google launches ad platform with ‘unprecedented’ scope for ads, users, publishers

Google is launching a platform that is designed to give advertisers and publishers the power to monetise their online ads without being tied to a specific brand or service.

The new ad platform is designed by a group of tech giants and publishers that include Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe and Twitter.

The group says the platform is a way to make it easier for brands to reach their customers through social media.

The platform will be powered by the ad network AdWords, which Google acquired in January.

Google said the new ad network will be launched on Google+ and will be integrated into Google’s existing AdSense, Google AdSense Plus and AdWords mobile apps.

Users will be able to share their online advertising, as well as receive recommendations, offers, coupons and offers from publishers, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

They will also be able “see and approve content from publishers across multiple platforms, including Google’s AdSense and AdSensePlus platforms,” Google said.

Google also said it is adding another five publishers to the platform in 2018.

“The ad platform will enable publishers to share ads, offer recommendations, offer advertising and support the delivery of relevant content,” it said.

“Publishers will be encouraged to collaborate and share their ad experiences across platforms, to enable publishers across the ad space to reach more people across multiple devices, devices and devices.”

Google also plans to offer publishers a “premium service” that will include more personalized recommendations and recommendations for publishers that have the right platform.

Google’s new ad marketplace will include a platform for publishers to add advertisers to their ad network and to add publishers to a premium subscription service.

“Publishers and advertisers can collaborate across devices, platforms and devices to deliver the best advertising experience, so they can reach their audience on mobile, tablet, PC and more,” the company said.

“We believe this is a powerful new way to connect publishers and advertisers, while giving them the ability to make better advertising decisions.”

The platform, which will be available for free, will allow publishers to create, manage and monetise a brand profile, which includes the advertiser, the brand, the company and the target audience.

Google will give publishers access to a wide range of ad network partners, including AdSense.

Publishers can then make recommendations for advertisers and offer recommendations for those advertisers to advertisers.

They can also make offers to publishers to promote their brand to consumers through the platform.

“In addition to making recommendations for marketers, publishers can also create and manage a brand identity and promote their own content, which can be used across multiple formats, including digital and traditional media,” the firm said.

Publisher ads will be displayed as a “single-click” banner, while publishers can monetise by displaying their own ads or ads from advertisers.

“By connecting publishers with advertisers across multiple platform and device platforms, publishers will be empowered to reach a wider audience,” Google added.

“For example, publishers may have an ad platform that serves a particular audience of consumers, while advertisers can share ads and offer ads from other publishers across platforms and device devices.”

“Publisher and advertiser partnerships enable publishers and publishers to build more engaged audiences and promote better advertising for publishers, advertisers and other publishers and brands.”

The ad market is set to grow by a staggering $6.5 trillion by 2021, according to research firm eMarketer, while ad spending is expected to grow 5% per annum over the same period.

Google declined to comment on the platform’s scope or on how publishers will benefit from the new platform.

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