When Google says ‘no’ to ad blocking, it’s a victory for the Internet as we know it

By Tom HaileyJanuary 20, 2019 10:59amThere’s no denying that YouTube ad blocking has been a major headache for the video sharing platform.

YouTube has been fighting against the idea for years, arguing that the feature helps YouTube users share more content, and is actually needed in order to combat piracy.

But it seems YouTube is finally catching on.

Over the weekend, the company posted a video in which it says that its ads will no longer block YouTube’s ads in order “to help protect the integrity of our ad network,” as the video describes.

While the company said it was trying to prevent the blocking of ad revenue, it also stated that YouTube has to do the same.

In the video, YouTube states that the company will not be using “blocking algorithms” that are used to “minimize the impact” of ad-blocking.

YouTube is using its own ad-sorting algorithm and will use the same filters to filter out the ads from videos, it says.

Ad-blocking on YouTube has long been a contentious issue, as many argue that the network’s ad-blockers unfairly disadvantage YouTube and the videos they host.

Google has fought against the argument, saying that its ad-collection algorithms are not the cause of ad blocking.

But many are still unhappy with YouTube’s ad system, which is set to launch this year.

While YouTube’s stance against ad blocking is more clear-cut, it does still mean that users can still access some YouTube content, including videos hosted on the platform, but it will be blocked from users who don’t have ad-tracking enabled.

Ad-blocking is still an option, though users can opt out of it entirely if they don’t want their content blocked.

The move will affect about 5 million users, according to YouTube, but the company does not specify how many of them will be affected.

Google is also encouraging users to try its own Adblock Plus app, which it is also releasing for free.

Ad blocking is a problem for YouTube because it allows it to monetize videos and advertising, but also allows it the ability to monetise its content in an ad-supported way.

For example, if you pay a video hosting service to host your video, the service can then charge you if you don’t watch the video.

YouTube has been using ad-tracking for a while, but recently made the move to a more traditional advertising model, with its partners paying for ads.

In fact, some of YouTube’s partners have also been paying for the ability for YouTube to display their adverts in the top of the video feed.

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