Why the government is pushing the media too hard, report finds

The government is trying to push the media to cover up the corruption allegations surrounding the Abbott government’s $1.2 billion media buy of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The ABC has reported that the Government’s new corporate governance code, which took effect on July 1, requires media outlets to register with the Commonwealth Electoral Commission and be subject to strict public scrutiny.

However, it also says the government has the power to set up new media ownership entities and regulate the media.

“A review by the Commonwealth Ombudsman of the Commonwealth Media Companies Act 2016, which is now being implemented, found the Commonwealth Government had no obligation to register and did not do so, despite the statutory obligation under the Act,” the ABC said.

The watchdog’s review, published in December, found there were “significant deficiencies” in the register, including “inadequate oversight and oversight processes” by the Federal Government and “a lack of oversight of Commonwealth owned and controlled media”.

In response, the Federal Communications Commission said it was “reviewing the register and taking appropriate action to ensure that all relevant information is maintained.”

It said the Government would not be seeking any further public information about the register.

“It is a matter for the Government and the relevant agencies,” the agency said in a statement.

ABC media analyst Ian McEwan said he did not think the Government was serious about the issue.

“The idea of having a register that only the government knows about and the government doesn’t want you to know is very unlikely,” he said.

“It’s very unlikely the Government will actually take it seriously.” “

You’re not going to be able to ask them questions about it.”

“It’s very unlikely the Government will actually take it seriously.”

The ABC’s own report on the purchase, published on Tuesday, found that the new register would likely create a conflict of interest for some of the ABC’s journalists, because they would be responsible for managing the business.

“Many journalists have a conflict-of-interest with the ABC,” the report said.

However the ABC says it does not want to give a negative assessment of the Government.

The agency has not responded to a request for comment.

ABC News reporter Ben Gollings says the Government needs to focus on the facts.

“They’re the ones making the complaints about the government and not the media, and the Government should be doing a better job of actually responding to the concerns,” he told AM.

“In terms of the media there’s a huge amount of good work being done by the ABC and the rest of the country.”

What they need to do is really focus on actually putting the pieces of the puzzle together and the actual reporting of what’s going on, and they need not just focus on that, they need have a real conversation with the public and the media about what’s actually happening.


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