The first big winners from the new Trump administration are on the fast track to a big win

The Trump administration is expected to take the first steps toward dismantling the Affordable Care Act, a step that would be crucial to reversing the nation’s slide from one of the worst economic crises in its history.

The White House announced Monday that the administration would begin drafting the next executive order to replace the health care law on Thursday.

But it also said it was not yet finalizing any major executive orders that would make major changes to the health-care system.

The administration will also seek to eliminate regulations that have hampered the health insurance industry.

The announcement, by the White House, is the first major steps toward the sweeping repeal of the law and a first indication of the president’s priorities for the first months of his presidency.

The first executive order will be a “temporary suspension of key elements of the ACA that have not been finalized,” the White Trump administration said in a statement.

“We are not making a final decision yet.”

The president’s plan to make sweeping changes to health care, and to undo regulations, is likely to draw fierce opposition from Republican leaders who say the sweeping legislation has been a major driver of the nation and its economy.

Trump is scheduled to sign the order on Thursday afternoon, hours after the White Houses press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, issued a statement that the order is “still in the works.”

It is unclear when the order will go into effect.

While the White houses statement did not address specific changes to healthcare, it did say that the president is “deeply committed to working with Congress and our allies to pass a healthcare reform that lowers costs and ensures coverage for everyone, and protects our health care system.”

The order also will be “the first step toward ending the nation in the longest recession in its modern history.”

Trump has been reluctant to make significant changes to a health care plan that he has described as a “disaster” and a “train wreck” that has resulted in “massive premiums” and “death panels” in states that have expanded Medicaid.

The president has not signed any executive orders in more than a year.

But Sanders said Monday that he was “focusing his efforts” on overhauling healthcare to make it more accessible to people who are sick and more affordable.

She also said that “there are no immediate plans to remove the ACA’s coverage expansion mandate or to end the tax penalties that make health insurance more expensive.”

Sanders added that the executive orders would not affect other areas of the health law.

The health-insurance industry, however, is concerned about Trump’s plan, which would cut Medicaid, Medicare and Medicaid to less than a third of their pre-Obamacare levels.

The Trump campaign has said that the ACA is working for millions of Americans, and it is “truly a great plan.”

The administration is also expected to propose sweeping tax cuts that would offset some of the cost of the executive order, but the details of those tax plans are still being worked out.

The government has also been pushing for the repeal of regulations that are designed to make the insurance industry work more efficiently and provide consumers with more choice.

Those regulations have included a provision that would allow insurers to charge consumers a higher deductible for health plans and prevent the deductibles for some people from going up as they earn more money.

The Republican Party has been deeply divided over the changes to Obamacare.

While Trump and congressional Republicans are expected to vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and replace it with a plan to replace it, the Democratic Party is split on the issue.

The Democratic-controlled House and Senate have already passed a series of bills to repeal Obamacare and to replace its regulations, including an attempt by Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington to strip the Congressional Budget Office of its power to assess the impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The new executive order could also change the way health insurance companies operate, potentially raising the costs for many people who purchase insurance through the government’s marketplace.

The order could end up changing how insurance companies offer coverage.

The federal government has been pushing the health insurers to do things that would result in lower costs for consumers.

It would also allow companies to charge more for insurance, which the health providers would argue would lower their costs.

It is also a major step toward the repeal.

The insurance industry has said the order would have a “severe negative effect on our economy.”

The Health and Human Services Department said the administration’s order will allow the “government to provide access to more affordable health coverage for more Americans and lower costs to the insurance marketplaces.”

“Our goal is to deliver on our promise to ensure affordable, high-quality health care for every American,” HHS Secretary Tom Price said in the statement.

Price has said it is critical that insurance companies keep the cost-sharing subsidies that insurers offer people with low incomes.

He has also said the ACA has allowed insurers to offer lower-cost plans that allow people to pay more out of pocket for coverage.

“The president has committed to ensuring that the health

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