Reddit has the perfect Super Bowl ad for the reddit ad platform

It’s time for a Super Bowl advertisement for Reddit, according to a Reddit user who is in charge of the company’s ads.

The ad will feature a Reddit moderator who will comment on an item posted to r/videos, an area Reddit dominates, and will be about “how awesome the subreddit is.”

The Redditor behind the ad, known only as Redditor_S, explained the Reddit ad campaign was meant to “take advantage of the subreddit’s amazing community,” which he said was “more than capable of producing the kind of quality content we need to grow.”

The Reddit ad, which will be on the site from Oct. 31 to Nov. 5, will feature an edited version of a popular YouTube video, in which Redditor S comments on a user’s post and then adds his own commentary.

The user also will get a “Reddit Badge” which can be used to vote for his or her favorite posts.

The Redditor said the Reddit Badge is only for “people who are actively participating in the subreddit” and will not be transferable to other Redditors.

Reddit has been working on a Super Friday ad for some time.

The Reddit subreddit is popular among video game enthusiasts and its subreddit content is frequently posted on the popular message board, Reddit.

In addition to the subreddit, the site also hosts a community of video game related content, including forums, news, and a subreddit dedicated to making videos about the games they play.

The redditor behind this Reddit ad also told Business Insider that this Reddit Super Bowl advertising campaign will not feature any advertisements or sponsored content.

Reddit users have the option to vote on which ads they want to see, he said.

“This ad will not show ads for sponsors, and instead will highlight Reddit’s amazing quality and community of creators,” he said in an email.

The ad campaign, titled “What’s New in Reddit?” will be available in all Reddit’s paid-for ads, including those for the upcoming Super Bowl.

This will include the ad for r/lgbtq, r/pink, and r/soccer.

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