Which Jewish communities will be targeted by the Anti-Defamation League?

The Anti-DEFAC coalition, which is leading the fight against the bill, claims it is working with Jewish community leaders across the country to get their voices heard.

But the group has been largely absent from Capitol Hill.

The Anti Defamation League, which has been involved in other bills aimed at limiting anti-Semitic activity, is not involved in the legislation.

It is a matter of politics, said Dov Khenin, the president of the Anti Defac coalition.

“The goal is to limit the impact of the bill,” he said.

“We are working with our friends in Congress to get them to support this bill.”

The bill is not being pushed in Congress, but the president signed a memorandum to all federal agencies on March 1 instructing them to study the anti-discrimination legislation and consider whether it could lead to the removal of the ADL.

It would be the first such directive to come from the president since President Donald Trump announced his intent to scrap the ADl’s registration as a hate group.

The ADL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Anti-Hate Act, which was introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), would allow federal agencies to designate a “hate group” if they identify “persons or entities that espouse a pattern or practice of anti-Semitism, hostility toward Jews, or other forms of anti­Semitism.”

The ADL has been one of the most outspoken opponents of the measure.

In June, the group filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the Anti Hate Act’s definition of a hate-group.

In January, the House passed a bill to revoke the ADls registration.

In recent weeks, the ADLS has been working with groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which also advocates for the ADLA to be barred from the electoral process.

The ADLA’s complaint filed against the Anti Hate Act also cited the fact that the bill’s definition is “inconsistent with the AD L’s mission and aims of combating anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activity.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the Anti Hatred Act “will undermine efforts by the ADLU to engage in and foster dialogues with community members, and undermine their ability to engage effectively in public discourse on the subject of antiSemitism.”

The ADLA has also filed a similar lawsuit against the ADB, the US Treasury Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Civil Rights of the United States Postal Service, and the Department for Justice.

The legislation, however, has been met with skepticism by Jewish community groups, which say it could hurt them.

“We don’t want the ADLM and other hate groups to be able to use the ADLC’s status to silence our voices and our right to speak out,” said Dina Fried, the director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, in a statement.

The bill has drawn fierce criticism from the ADLE.

In a statement to The Jerusalem Report, the American Jewish Committee, which represents over 500,000 Jewish and non-Jewish professionals in the United State, said that it would not support the bill.

“While the ADLB is a diverse organization, we believe in the need for our community to have access to the same rights and protections that all Americans enjoy,” the statement said.

“In fact, the bill could threaten those very rights and freedoms.”

A spokesperson for the Anti Jew Law, which advocates for Jewish businesses and organizations, said in a press release that the ADLO has been engaged in an “aggressive campaign” to undermine the Anti hate Act.

“These anti-Judaism groups have been using the ADHL as an attack line and trying to portray the ADLI as anti-semitic,” said the spokesperson, who asked to remain anonymous.

“ADL’s mission is to promote anti-hate and anti Semitism.

These groups use their organizations to further that goal and, frankly, to intimidate.”

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